Is there a way to change which region a room is a part of during play?

I am wanting different regional rules to apply to a room depending on the progress of different puzzles.

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Yup! This thread has a lot of info on how to do that – but one thing that’s noted is that scenes can work for this kind of thing too, and for your use case I think that approach is going to be way cleaner than trying it with regions.


Problem solved with “update position of backdrops” and custom properties.

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Another way of thinking about this is to adjust the rules, rather than the regions.

Very simplified example:

Indoors is a region.
Outdoors is a region.

The Kitchen is in Indoors.
The Yard is in Outdoors.

Every turn when the location is in Outdoors:
	say "Now Outdoors.";

Say you want to have a third room, the Tent, which counts as Outdoors but only sometimes. You could think about this as moving the Tent from one region to another, but this isn’t natural to how Inform handles regions.

You could instead define a third region and then use an, um, conditional condition. Here, “outdoorsy” is does the discrimination:

Varydoors is a region.

The Tent is in Varydoors.

Definition: a room is outdoorsy if it is in Outdoors or (it is in Varydoors and the-roof is open).

Every turn when the location is outdoorsy:
	say "Now Outdoors.";