Is there a phrase for checking whether scoring is on or not?

Is there a phrase for checking whether scoring is being used or not?

I don’t mean notifications. I mean whether the author put in ‘use scoring’, or not.



“If using scoring” or “if the scoring option is active”. The latter is preferred.

I had tried ‘if using scoring’ as a guess, and it wasn’t recognised in 6M62, with or without a line about deprecated features.

The other one works. Thanks.


I believe the “deprecated features” line is of limited use now - it is, in itself, a deprecated feature, because it refers to syntax which is no longer available one way or the other.

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“Use no deprecated features” remains useful - it will still warn you for deprecated code in extensions for example. (Probably most extension authors don’t mark phrases as deprecated, but I try to when I can.)

I think “Use no deprecated features” has the same behavior it always has, doesn’t it? It alerts you to any features that are about to disappear in the next big version of Inform. For instance, I just tried something with “Use no deprecated features” and “Remove foo from play,” and I got an error message explaining that I was using a deprecated phrase with Use no deprecated features set.

(Aside: Maybe this error message should say “you have the ‘Use no deprecated features’ option active” instead of “you have the ‘Use no deprecated features’ option set”? That might remind authors of the thing that this thread started about.)

But if you use something that was deprecated in the last version and has been removed from this version you just get an ordinary error message, because that feature is gone and isn’t recognized at all.

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