Is the Introcomp Login Page Broken?

So I participated in the Narrascope Inform7 boot camp, and wanted to give a IntroComp a shot this year. I have never participated in any IF competition before.

I see the website is updated for 2020 and they started accepting intents to enter on the 3rd. However I can’t get the login to work. I’ve setup an account on as instructed, but the login page doesn’t seem to work with any credentials? Firefox keeps showing a blank page and Chrome keeps reporting error 500 when I try to login.

I just mostly wanted to make sure it’s broken for everyone, and that I didn’t somehow do something wrong when I made my account.

I know they’re aware of the issue, but I don’t know when it will be fixed. Hopefully someone more informed can give an update soon!


Just pinging @IntroComp for good measure - I imagine Xalavier is pretty busy, but if he’s got email notifications turned on he may see this.

Well, that ping also pinged me. And I have some limited info! :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s broken for everyone, not just you. It’s actively being worked on by Jason and Dan. I know X is ready to launch as soon as the issue it worked out.


  • Jacqueline

Thank you Jacq!

(That worked surprisingly well. Like a bat-signal but for IF.)

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It seems better now in the sense that it doesn’t throw an error page for me anymore, but it won’t recognize my IFComp credentials.

FWIW, I decided to give it a shot just now and I was able to register a new account and enter into the competition. Everything went smoothly on my end.

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