Is Paradise OSX only?

I don’t understand why the listing for Paradise only has a download link that only leads to a .webloc file – a format I’m unfamiliar with that appears to be some kind of URI with a port number or something like that. A quick web search suggests that a .webloc file is a Mac browser shortcut, but I’m familiar with the fact that IF file naming conventions sometimes conflict with with various kinds of system file conventions. (Such as Inform 6 source code files being “.inf”, if I remember correctly.)

But if Paradise is a web game in any sense, why is there no “Play online” link? Does it require some kind of special telnet client or something? Could I get to work in MUD client?

What is this weird “multiplayer novel” thing anyways? It certainly sounds intriguing, but I wish there were more information about what it is and how we’re suppose to experience/evaluate it.

On a Mac, you just doubleclick the webloc file and it goes to the URL. So it’s just some bookmark format.

It sounds like you viewed the file contents already (I did this by dropping on a text editor) and saw the URL. Did you try copy-pasting it into a browser and going to the address? That worked fine for me. Not that I’ve played yet, I’m just troubleshooting this topic.

Upshot: the game is up and running at this address:


I hadn’t expected it to be that simple, due to the fact that they didn’t put the link up in the Comp listing and the webloc file contains a few other characters besides the URL. But anyways, it works fine in Chromium.

Thanks for the troubleshoot, Wade.

It was troubleshooting it that led me to play it next at the moment I did. After all, at that point I had the title screen sitting right there in front of me. I would have felt like an ungrateful churl to have turned away!