Is Mark-Oliver Reiser's "Inform 7 Cheat Sheet" still around?

I’ve seen reference to Mark-Oliver Reiser’s “Inform 7 Cheat Sheet” around the Internet and on this forum, however every link I’ve found to it no longer works.

Does anyone have a copy of this that they can post or send to me?


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Has the Cheat Sheet been updated since v0.2 2011? Does anyone know if there is a non-pdf editable version of the contents available anywhere?

Hi Jeremy, thanks for the question!

Unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to updating it and since I haven’t used Inform 7 in a while, it would be quite a bit of effort for me to do it right now.

I have just submitted the editable source files to the IF archive. They should appear at

I don’t know how long it takes for them to process submissions. If you are in a hurry, send me a note!



Thank you so much, Oliver – very kind and generous of you!

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Was about to post the same question until I found this thread. Not sure if anyone has got around to updating this at all or knows if the existing content is still up to date. After looking through with my fairly limited knowledge of I7, nothing immediately jumped out at me as being deprecated (maybe not the case with the new beta being released though). Definitely a very good document though, so much valuable info distilled to just a handful of pages.

The Cheat Sheet was for 6G60, and has some things that are out of date. Most (maybe all, I’m not sure) of the things that went away in 6L02 were already officially designated as deprecated and it looks like the Cheat Sheet deliberately avoided them, but a couple still remain::

There are no more procedural rules or consider [rule] for [value] phrase.

You can’t say if <condition> then <phrase> anymore, or change [x] to [y] (but that one is labeled deprecated in the cheat sheet).

There might be other things I missed as I just reviewed it, but overall it’s still much more right than wrong.


Anyone want to revisit the cheat sheet for v10.1.x? I don’t have the chops to do it, but I’d be an enthusiastic consumer of said cheating.

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It isn’t appreciably any more outdated for 10.1 than it has been since 9.1/6L02. The only relevant further change I can think of is that in 10.1 list and table syntax become more flexible in regard to prepositions. The cheat sheet’s versions all still work, but now (not counting where the syntax requires “listed in”) you can always use “in” or “from” before a list or table name; it used to be the case that some places only accepted “in” and a couple places only accepted “of”.

Creating some kind of compact reference is on my personal notional list, but that list is very long. (Personally, I’m not inclined to try to update the existing cheat sheet 'cause the small print has gotten too small for my presbyopic self and I’d want to pursue a whole new design.)

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