Is Mark-Oliver Reiser's "Inform 7 Cheat Sheet" still around?

I’ve seen reference to Mark-Oliver Reiser’s “Inform 7 Cheat Sheet” around the Internet and on this forum, however every link I’ve found to it no longer works.

Does anyone have a copy of this that they can post or send to me?



Has the Cheat Sheet been updated since v0.2 2011? Does anyone know if there is a non-pdf editable version of the contents available anywhere?

Hi Jeremy, thanks for the question!

Unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to updating it and since I haven’t used Inform 7 in a while, it would be quite a bit of effort for me to do it right now.

I have just submitted the editable source files to the IF archive. They should appear at

I don’t know how long it takes for them to process submissions. If you are in a hurry, send me a note!



Thank you so much, Oliver – very kind and generous of you!