Is it worth it to get a Complete in box Infocom game?

Does getting an Infocom game with all the “feelies” make the game more enjoyable? Keep in mind I’m playing on an Apple ii and need a physical copy.

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The feelies are fun, but all of the games are 100% enjoyable without them, as long as you read/observe all of the feelies online.


That said, it’s probably quite rare to find a complete original physical copy boxed Infocom game with all the feelies and documentation intact, and you likely want to hold onto that as a potential collector’s item!

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I’ve still got boxed Apple II Suspended from my youth, and it’s highly visible in my cupboard. But even if the floppy disk is/was still in the box (I think it was one of the vast majority that became mouldy and/or corrupt over time) Infocom games are not ones I’d play on my real Apple II now. Well, except Wishbringer – maybe!

The trouble is that the conveniences of playing these in an interpreter are too great. Namely, easy, fast saves and multiple UNDO. I guess I’m saying, for me, who still has a real Apple IIGS on a desk, in which I’ve put a card that holds a USB with floppy disk images on it - Infocom games are still near the bottom of my pile for wanting to play on the real hardware.

However, anytime I do play Suspended, I haul out the box, the instructions and the map and counters, which definitely make it more fun. And the map is of practical value. So ignoring whether I’d play it on an Apple II myself, in the case of that game anyway, the feelies help, and do make it more fun. But we have to watch out for some kind of nostalgia being tangled in there, too.


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