Is it right to judge hypertext games...?

For what it’s worth, was originally started for discussion of academic/literary hypertext and then taken over by parser IF folks.

Heh. This world is ever changing, innit. Ah well, some of us have to be the grumpy old men in the corner, huh?

This undermines my credibility but not my point about labels, anyway.

Except in the sense that the very label I’m discussing was appropriated. But again, that’s not because it described something literally (though Infocom would disagree!), but because it was a label that really stuck. It was overpowering, and overrode what came before.

…so I guess that CYOA coming back to claim what used to be theirs, even if in academia mostly, is only fair.

Hmmm. I do get your point. I do see that CYOA has as much, if not better, claims to the IF moniker.

By which token, of course it would be right to judge hypertext games in the IFComp.

My head is spinning. [emote]:P[/emote]

EDIT - But I stick to my guns in that taking the term “Interactive Fiction” literally to justify an entry in the Comp is silly. Even if the label does expand, you wouldn’t call Hadean Lands an RPG on the grounds that you are role-playing a character in a game. Nor would you classify Doom as an adventure game on the grounds that you’re going on a (bloody) adventure.