Is it possible to make Twine (2, Sugarcube 2) not return sensitive?

Sorry if this is a basic question, I’m pretty new to this.
Basically, if I try to do even simple tags, it looks like this:
Due to the mixture of code and plain text, doing any line break will result in an actual line break within the layout, so I have to write everything in one line.
Is there a way to add some code readability without affecting the layout?

See line continuations and the various no-break features: Config.passages.nobr setting, nobr special tag, <<nobr>> macro.

try to use {


To fit your code, that should not use the returns.

That’s a Harlowe no-break markup. The OP was asking about SugarCube.

oh! I though that was widely used for every twine format. Good to know. Thanks!

[quote=“Ruber_Eaglenest, post:5, topic:48087”]oh! I though that was widely used for every twine format
From memory, the only ‘thing’ that is common to every Twine story format is the basic mark-up based link syntax.

[[Link Text is the same as the Target Passage Name]]
[[Link Text|Target Passage Name]]
[[Link Text->Target Passage Name]]
[[Target Passage Name<-Link Text]]