Is it possible to have the I7 IDE launch another interpreter

Since the default interpreter that the I7 IDE uses for testing is inaccessible with screen readers and crashes with VoiceOver on, is there a way to have I7 use something like Spatterlight?
Spatterlight isn’t a fully accessible interpreter, but it’ll work. Gargoil is inaccessible with all screen readers, and as far as I know, Zoom has been abandoned for quite some time.
I want to develop on Mac, but if I have to I’ll develop on Windows. On the Mac, I have to release a game if I want to playtest it.
Even so, on Windows can I change the interpreter to something that’s accessible for playtesting that’ll launch when I hit the “play” or “go” buttons?

No, the Mac and Windows IDEs are not reconfigurable like that.

If you’re comfortable with command-line tools, you may be better off using the Linux command-line build script and then testing the app with Spatterlight. Or even with a command-line interpreter.

You can also directly run the compiled game files from the Project.inform/build folder. That’s what I do. Keep that folder open, compile the game in the IDE, then run the game file in your favourite interpreter.

Seconded. At one point I was doing fancy stuff, so I had a handy shortcut to the compiled .ulx file, so I could just load it up.

Zoom may not be current, but has text to speech.

I found this has the one downside that if using Glulx with resources (images/sounds/files) the paths will be messed up and the game will lack any sound, graphics or files used by the game.