Is it possible to create themes?

I have figured out how it is supposed to work. I know I can create a theme with this folder and file:
\Inform\Projects[gamename] Materials\Templates[themename]\style.css

… and this command:
Release along with cover art, a “[themename]” website and an interpreter.

The .css file is copyed along fine, and play.html refers to it. However, it has abselutely no effect. I tried changing the text colors, the background color and the font … nothing happened. It is like there is something overriding it … Before upgrading Parchment, I was able to change the font.

Looking at the play-in-browser games, they all share the same look, except that some of them have the text flow along the entire screen, maybe because they are using Glulx. So it looks a bit like it is an unexplored area. Is there anyone who knows anything?

There’s also a parchment.css file. You will probably have to modify that.

I have spent quite a bit of time customizing CSS for Inform. ( However, I haven’t tried to set it up as an Inform 7 “Materials” theme. I’ve just taken the released web site and hacked on it until it looked like I wanted. (This is because, in both cases, I was setting up several games on the same site and needed them to share a theme.)

I also have never tried this with the most recent version of Parchment. You’ll have to ask Dannii what changed.

In my version, this is the one:

Now I can modify everything – thanks - this is perfect.

It is a bit wierd that there are two .css files, but whatever. It works!

Nice clean themes, by the way!

One of them is from the Parchment distribution, one of them is part of Inform.

Okay that make some kind of sense … still, it’s wierd to have two competing .css files.

I couldn’t figure out how to change the headlines used for room titles, or change the color of the user input. But it is easy to change the colors, fonts and hack play.html to look nicer.

In play.html, I found a nice little trick - Replace this line of code:

<div id="parchment"></div>

With this line of code:



This ads some space below the player input, so it don’t constantly bumps against the lower part of the screen.

I just figured out that I could do an image search on ‘text adventures’. Most of the results was the standard light-text-on-black-bacground, but a few stood out. I like CYPHER … it really got that cyberpunk feel.

Wow, is it made with Inform ?

Some of them might be made with Inform, some definitely aren’t. But any of them could be.

Cypher (the cyberpunk thing), at least, probably isn’t, judging from this review of its parser at Adventure Classic Gaming.