Is Hadean Lands only for iOS?

I mailed Andrew and asked if Hadean Lands can be played on OSX
he said its for Mac OS as well.

I don’t have an iPad just a mac.

I downloaded from the App Store and it’s an iOS file.

is there an OS X version?
If not the Hadean Lands Page is incorrect.

The App Store only sells iOS apps. If you want to play on OS X, you have to buy it directly from (There are two different ways to purchase it, right there on the home page; pick your favorite.)

When you purchase it that way, you’ll get a gblorb file, which you can open using Gargoyle.

Is the web site unclear? I could rearrange the front page to have explicit “buy for iOS / buy for Mac-Win-etc” sections.

It now says that the game is available for MacOS, Windows, Linux, and iOS, but the only option right below that paragraph is the App Store link. The next paragraph (“Purchase for Mac/Win/Linux using your Humble Store account or Itch.IO.”) could be interpreted that you can use those accounts in the App Store. There’s two more paragraphs between that one and the actual Humble Store and Itch.IO widgets.

It think it would help if the first paragraph said only “Hadean Lands is available now” and the Humble/ widgets were moved right below the “Purchase for Mac/Win/Linux” paragraph.

I remember reading somewhere (the original kickstarter?) that Hadean Lands was going to be iOS only. So I was pleasantly surprised to see it available as a glorb. I didn’t think the web site was confusing, though.

I’ve rearranged a little bit.

Unfortunately I can’t update the old Kickstarter page. KS doesn’t let you do that after the project deadline.

If I bought the app for iOS and want to play it on my macbook as well, do I have to buy it again?


(Note: I am currently working on an iOS app update that will let you transfer save files to and from the desktop. This should be out in early January.)

In the meantime, though, if you really want to, you can use DiskAid (and possibly other similar software) to transfer the savegame files to and from your iOS. Savegames saved in the iOS app have names like __74657374, but the app can retain savegame names saved in Glulx in the format bookmark.glksave.

Just FYI. It’s a tad cumbersome but it’s possible if you want to keep your progress between desktop and iOS.

I know it’s a killer-app for iOS, but I’m waiting for the Android port. :wink: