is automatic login not working?

Wondering if anyone else is noticing that they have to login each time they visit the forum, even if they tick the auto login box?

Things seem to be behaving normally for me.

It has only happened once to me in recent times, but it used to be quite frequent.

I’ve been getting the login prompt roughly every other day for about a week now.

My login credentials here have been stable for weeks, at least.

I get that now and then.

I occasionally have to reenter my login. Infrequent, but it happens.

But I always had the same problem with Google Groups for checking R*IF, so I figured it wasn’t a big deal and probably on my end anyway.

I’ve been logged in for weeks. For those who keep getting logged out, Browser and OS?

Weird, it’s still happening for me. I’m using the latest Chrome (29.0.1547.66 m) on Windows XP.

Firefox 23.0.1, Windows 7 Ultimate. But I’m not one of the worst cases.

Months ago, this used to happen to me all the time, but only very recently (since this thread appeared) has it started happening again. Twice today. I’m using the most recent Chrome on two different versions of OSX, but I doubt that my system has anything to do with it.

Same here. Twice in the last two days, and it had gone quiet for a while.

Logged off again. Getting irksome.

I’ve tried searching for other forums with the problem, but I can’t see anything that makes sense. Sorry!

[Edit] Actually wait, I may have found something! The forum validates your session against your IP. Currently it checks the first three bytes of your IP, but I can make it more lenient. Hopefully this will help!

Hmm, I’ve been having problems with the laptop (Chrome on OS X) but not with the iPad, and the iPad switches between different WLANs and mobile connection all the time. Based on that it’s hard to believe the IP thing could be the problem, but who knows.

My problem seems to be that any time I log in from a different machine, I get logged off from the others. (My android phone is sometimes immune to the logoff, but not always.) This never used to happen, and really doesn’t make sense as a design decision in today’s world.

I don’t seem to get that. I can be simultaneously logged in on my iPod and on my computer. Or at least, auto-login works from both.

Oddly enough, I haven’t had the problem from my iPod, now that I think about it. Only on my desktop.

EDIT - I have to learn to read more closely. By “different machines” you obviously mean different desktops or machines of the same type, as opposed to different types of machines like desktop/ipod/smartphone/e-reader/whatever.

Yeah, it seems as though mobile devices may suffer the problem less (though not necessarily never). Not sure why that would be…

I occasionally get logged out, but only on my phone. I think it happens if I refresh a page or change page too quickly when I first access the site, as if it gets interrupted sending the session details or something.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to what we’re experiencing.

Just as a data point: Yesterday I had to log in 3 times (every time I visited the forum) on the laptop (Chrome/OS X) but iPad stayed logged in all the time. Before this there were no problems for maybe two weeks.