Is anyone (else) talking about IntroComp 2021?

There was some discussion last year, but haven’t seen anything about the four games from this year:

  • Final Girl by Hanon Ondricek

  • Gender Exchange by nDev

  • MISSION UNKNOWN by Carl Muckenhoupt

  • Resist! by Damon Wakes


Imiss this entrie, now I am playing these games and voting.

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Resist… irresistible.
It’s a short game when you have to resist, you have to read faster and make your choices even quickly.
I liked this words moving, shivering, these things gives the game a good atmosphere.
The game has some several endings to make it intenser.

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I was able to review all four of them.

I would have been really upset if I missed the chance to vote on them. Everybody put in a lot of effort!


Thanks for the review! I have been avoiding delving back into Final Girl 2.0 full-on because it requires re-creating some very tricky mechanics. I’ve had a couple other people ask for it the past, so we’ll see how much potential enthusiasm it generates since I wouldn’t be able to enter it into IFComp.

This prototype was actually created in 2017 and pre-dates Cannery Vale, containing some of the initial experimentation I did with AXMA for many of the interaction methods and timing tricks that ended up in Cannery, robotsexpartymurder and Cursed Pickle of Shireton.


When I was fending off the killer in the bulldozer, it took me a while to calm down and see what happens when you sit there and don’t do anything. That was a clever design.

You can always submit it for Spring Thing.

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