Is 64-bit support guaranteed by OS X 10.7 (Lion)?

Might not be the perfect forum for the question, but I know many Mac gurus frequent it, so I’m asking it anyway :slight_smile:

When I ship a 64-bit application that only targets Mac OS X 10.7 and newer, is it guaranteed to work on every Mac that runs OS X 10.7 or newer?

In other words, do Macs exist out there that run 10.7 or newer but are 32-bit only? From my research, even if you start OS X with the 32-bit kernel, it can still run 64-bit applications. My worry is whether there are Macs out there with 32-bit-only CPUs that cannot do that.

10.7 requires a 64-bit processor.

Yeah, Snow Leopard was the last release that supported 32-bit machines.

OK, thanks. Looks like I’ll be safe.