Invisible Parties, release 2

I’ve got out a version 2 of Invisible Parties, my Shufflecomp entry. I consider this one the Proper Release; the original suffered from insufficient testing and horrible opacity, which I trust have now been addressed.

It’s a romance in a Chronicles of Amber/Myst/Planescape kind of world; you’re a world-walking being of some considerable power, trying to reconnect with your lover while engaged in a potentially lethal squabble with your peers, at a party that’s going downhill very, very fast.

As I’ve said before, this is the game with the highest (large x non-doofy) score that I’ve made thus far - or, to put it in less quibbling terms, the one I’m most proud of. I’d be very happy if you’d take a look.

As rain follows the clouds, so do minor updates follow major. Up to version 3, and thanks to Jason Dyer for catching some smallish but significant bugs.