invisible npc's


I realise this may sound strange.

My game is in five parts, after each part the player gets a password for the next part. I hit on the idea of using an npc, so the player can use ask and tell topics, which combined with the travel barrier makes the whole thing work. I am using a graphic for the start of the level and what I wanted to do was make the npc part of the doorway (a head at the top); it’s a round doorway with an inscription round it which is a question, the answer being the password from the previous part. From a visual point of view it looks better than having the npc figure standing beside the doorway.

My problem is that I can find no way of defining a npc without the npc being listed in the room description. Is there a property on the Person object I can set to nil, or I am missing something? I should say that the graphic as it stands is fine, I just wanted to make visually better.

Can anyone help?

You may be looking for actorHereDesc. Try

actorHereDesc = nil

as an NPC property. Alternatively, if you’re using ActorStates, set

specialDesc = “”

on the ActorState for that particular moment in the story.

Easy when you know how, isn’t it? Thank you!