Introducing Ourselves

Cool, I found your Tales from Alphabet City on Pretty radical art style and of course, 80’s punk subculture is a fascinating topic. I will definitely check it out. Welcome to the board!

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Feel free to share works you’ve done, and welcome to the board!

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Yes, I tried out your build for ADL for Windows, great work. It was fun to play around with it. I haven’t tried writing an actual adventure with it, but I am curious to locate other ADL source code if you know of others to try to build and see what it does.

I actually think learning Inform might be easier than programming a complex game in ADL, based on a couple of reasons…

Firstly, Inform 7 is pretty close to a “natural language” programming language. There’s a bit of syntax and behavior based on where / how you lay out the “source code” but it definitely reads like plain English text. So it’s not too terribly hard to learn. After about 30 to 90 minutes of time with the tutorials I bet you could develop games far more complex than any of the ADL examples. I’d like to see some large ADL games to know for sure.

Secondly, Inform 7 also has a large community of developers that have released importable libraries that model a ton of complex behavior for you without having to add a ton of code to your game’s source yourself. The community library is built right into the Inform 7 IDE. Just search and add libraries to your projects by checking a box [note: this works on the latest Windows version; I do not have a Mac, so I am not sure if it has that integration on Mac].

Another big advantage for Inform 7 is that most computing platforms can play games written with it (it can output Z-machine files like Infocom used, as well as other more feature-robust formats that came out later). I know you can play Inform games on iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, and quite a few other platforms. Depending on the format you output to there’s probably even an Amiga interpreter for it. Bigger, more complex games require using the Glulx format, and that would change which platforms can be used to play it. But it’s a lot.

So, that’s my pitch for Inform 7. I also think, ultimately, you should use whatever you want to use. I do, however, strongly believe that your choice of authoring tool has a major impact on the potential audience of your work.


Cool, welcome to the community, Naarel! I took a quick look at Convergence, looks like it could be very interesting. Dreaming, and lucid dreaming especially, has always been a curious obsession of mine.


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Heya! My name’s simon.

I’m a game programmer by trade, first getting into playing games with ones like zork and the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy ( there was a book first? who knew! ) - then the sierra games, and ultima. And always trying to figure out how they were made.

I’m still a big fan of story based games and IF. And still fascinated with the tools, and how people use them to put stories together. ( I’ve written one small point and click game myself – on – and i’ve been working on an IF engine, somewhat modeled after Inform, called “Tapestry”, that’s probably still not quite ready for real use, but it’s slowly getting there. )

I thought i’d join to find some cool stories to play, and just generally see what people are up to. I love that there’s such a strong community making IF games, and so it’s cool to be here.


Hello. I’m not a programmer, though I have coded some things in days of yore, best forgotten.

What I am is a player: I have been typing GET LAMP for more than 40 years now. Played and solved thousands of adventures and adjacent genres over the long years in almost all platforms, and managed to assemble a sizable, personal hoard of solutions and maps, many of which have never seen the light of day. Slowly, in my autumn days, I’m revisiting old games, correcting solutions, crafting better cartography with better tools, and publishing my materials (mainly at CASA). Also discovering new games as well and doing what I can about them. It never ends. I’m glad to see the community still cares.


It really is pretty awesome with amazing people. Welcome to the community! I will check out your links.


First let me say welcome to the community! Sounds like you are an old school adventure gamer who is finding your way here to the modern interactive fiction community, much like myself. The community really needs players like you to review and comment about your experiences playing the games. Please see the recent posts about the Review-a-thon initiative and check out IFDB for a great place to capture your reviews or solutions to games.



Hi! My name is Mistyrious, and I’ve been playing interactive fiction for 12 years.

My first introduction to interactive fiction is Quest, Squiffy, and Inform, but I was averse to parsers, since I had no clue what to do with them (a decade-long, irrational aversion I’m working on!). The first game I made was in Twine, however! I shared it to a creative Minecraft server forum, which found delight in its terrible quality as their first exposure to IF.

Despite this, I feel very out-of-touch with the community outside of Choice of Games and Tumblr. I migrated to the CoG community and stayed for a few years, but disillusioned, I returned to Twine.

I find it a real shame to be far from my roots, so I hope to rectify it! Even though I enjoy (extremely) long-form works, I want to dabble in jams and competitions with shorter stories, as well as read back on the more “famous” ones that I never knew about. One of these days, I hope to sit down with a walkthrough for a parser, and I also have intentions to write an entry for this year’s IntroComp. :slight_smile:

Special thanks to Manonamora for inspiring me. :heart:

Other things:

  • My absolute, most FAVORITE game (not just IF) is 80 Days. It completely defined my childhood. I played it a few days a week for years. This is not an exaggeration. It has shaped my writing, and has also been immensely helpful in discovering my own identity.
  • I am a computer science student with a completed minor in Artificial Intelligence. Despite that, I’m a staunch skeptic of it.
  • I am working on one of those “extremely long-form” IFs. It’s a little different from the ones here, but here’s a link to it on

I’ll continue to read around and do my research, but it’s nice to make at least one post! It’s been fun to look around.


Hey, same! I’ve always found it a bit telling that the people with the most knowledge of how machine learning works, are also the ones rejecting the claims of sentience and general intelligence and all that.


Welcome Mistyrious!

Looks like you’ve already been on quite the journey of creative and IF-related places. I hope you’ll enjoy hanging around this one.

The intro to Uroboros looks promising. I’ll come back to it when I have a bit more time on my hands.

Looking forward to hearing your voice here.


Yes! I actually have read some of your posts regarding the topic, all of which I found very insightful! I agree with you for most, if not all of it. I never realized how much it was being talked about for IFs specifically until I got here, so that’s been fascinating to read!

Thank you so much, for everything you said! I’ll definitely try to engage more in the future, as it’s been very exciting to know there are people who are really passionate and knowledgeable about IFs.

For some reason, I thought the old-school community was dead without actually checking for signs of life, but that’s just my ignorance (most posts I search online are years old, so I assumed erroneously that was true for everything). It’s still very much vibrant and alive!


It’s been seven-and-a-half years since I finished my BS in CS and I never really had the opportunity to take any interesting electives, but it’s not surprising at all to me that tech savvy folks are among the strongest skeptics of what current AI models are capable of. After all, I’d argue the thing ChatGPT and its ilk are best at is looking smart to the within 1 standard deviation of mean IQ crowd who can’t tell when the AI is making stuff up while domain experts can usually see through the bullshit when it’s their own area of expertise and can extrapolate well enough to be suspicous of smart sounding output they can’t personally verify.


Welcome, Mistyrious!

That sounded suspiciously like an AA meeting welcome, sorry! IF Anonymous is a safe place where addicts of parsers and choice systems alike can bond and help each other with our destructive addictions…

By creating and playing more IF!! Wooo!

But in all seriousness, welcome to the community, Mistyrious, I will check out your link on



dies :green_heart:

Hiiiiiii Mistyyyyy!!!
Glad to see you finally the forum :wink: youll have tons of fun here!


Hi, call me flower, im super duper new to IF, but i would love to talk to you all


Hi flower and welcome!

Do you have played IF already? Which one? And do you have preferences (like Fantasy, detective games, etc.)?

I generally love IF that play with it’s medium, also idk if its IF, but I love 17776

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I think it’s not IF because Wikipedia says it’s a multimedia game. But I think it’s a brother or sister of IF because it is a narrative game.

Generally thinking about eternal life scares me…

An IF that plays with or extends the usual technology is Counterfeight Monkey.

Oh yeah i love it a lot too

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