Introducing Ourselves

(CW) #801

Hi all! My name is Chuck, and I’ve been peripherally interested in IF since I was a kid trying to brute force my way through Moonmist in my middle school library. I didn’t get very far (obviously – that game is hard), but I still played the heck out of whatever text adventure games our library would lend out to us.

I’m relatively new to IF in its current iteration, however. I haven’t been following the scene for very long and am still catching up on some of the “canonical” IF that’s been released over the past decade or so. I’ve been exploring the medium somewhat furtively and silently for the past couple of years, and finally decided to volunteer as a judge for this year’s IF Comp. I’ve since become somewhat enamored with IF (in all its many variations) and have recently started to flirt with the idea of writing some of my own (although the prospect of doing so is intimidating, considering the quality of all the games I’ve played so far). I’m hoping that joining this group will help me bring that goal to fruition, even if I’m starting from square one.

So yeah, that’s me. Hi everyone!