Introducing Ourselves

(CW) #801

Hi all! My name is Chuck, and I’ve been peripherally interested in IF since I was a kid trying to brute force my way through Moonmist in my middle school library. I didn’t get very far (obviously – that game is hard), but I still played the heck out of whatever text adventure games our library would lend out to us.

I’m relatively new to IF in its current iteration, however. I haven’t been following the scene for very long and am still catching up on some of the “canonical” IF that’s been released over the past decade or so. I’ve been exploring the medium somewhat furtively and silently for the past couple of years, and finally decided to volunteer as a judge for this year’s IF Comp. I’ve since become somewhat enamored with IF (in all its many variations) and have recently started to flirt with the idea of writing some of my own (although the prospect of doing so is intimidating, considering the quality of all the games I’ve played so far). I’m hoping that joining this group will help me bring that goal to fruition, even if I’m starting from square one.

So yeah, that’s me. Hi everyone!

(Avery Moore) #802

Hi! I’m Avery. Just found the site a couple of days ago. It looks cool. I’ve been playing and writing IF games for a few years now, so it’s cool to fins another community full of fun, IF loving people. Hello! :blush:


Hi Avery! Welcome to the group. Always glad to hear another has been infected by the IF bug. :crazy_face:

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(Ianic) #804

Greetings and salutations. I’ve been writing interactive fiction for as long as I can remember. In 2016, I’ve decided to make a career out of it. and…and here I am working on my 4th project. :slight_smile: Glad to discover this community!

(Hanon Ondricek) #805

We’re glad to have you here, @Avery_Moore and @Ianic! I look forward to hearing about your projects.

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(Avery Moore) #806

Damn, that’s a really short memory. :yum:

(Ianic) #807

edited to " in 2016…" In French it reads much better :upside_down_face:

(Nathanaël Marion) #808

By your reply and your profile I’m guessing you’re a French speaker. Do you know there is also a French interactive fiction community? (Quite small comparatively to the English one, unfortunately.)

If yes, then I don’t remember seeing you and you are welcome anytime. If no, well, you’re still welcome anytime! :slight_smile:

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(Ianic) #809

thank you Nathanaël, @Natrium729 I’ve never visited the site before today, but it’s no surprise, I spend most of my time writing, editing and designing UI and I’m rarely on internet.( Im part of the no-facebook never-online community :sweat_smile: ) I’m presently almost done with my latest project. ( now in beta ) …so a bit more adventurous… spying on what people are doing. :blush:

(Parser Commander) #810

I didn’t know about it. I can only read French as from a very foggy and blurry understanding distance :smiley:

Anyway I have just joined there to say hello and stay updated with the work of our neighbors. ^.^


I guess it’s time for me to write a small introduction, too, having finally started to regularly using this forum.

Stian is my real name, and a very common one in Norway, though not so much anywhere else. I have been able to use it as my nick on every IF related web site, so probably not many Norwegians are into IF. I’m currently doing a PhD in computational linguistics and have a particular fondness for progressive rock from the 1970s.

I first registered here in 2013 when I was writing a bachelor’s thesis on IF, specifically the Inform 7 language, in linguistics. Back then I was slightly intrigued by the concept of parser IF, but never got further into any games than halfway through Bronze.

My proper foray into the world of IF came five months ago, when I stumbled upon an announcement about the newly finished Cragne Manor and thought I need to play this!

Of course, before that I would have to play Anchorhead, and I started it and it was absolutely brilliant and I got absolutely stuck. Putting Anchorhead on hold for a while I started a series of simpler games to learn the ropes better, and eventually found myself thoroughly enthralled by and utterly addicted to parser IF. By now, I have played through a bit over 50 games, including Anchorhead and Cragne Manor.

Apart from those two, my absolute favourites so far have been Babel, Counterfeit Monkey, Perdition’s Flames and Violet.

(Hanon Ondricek) #812

Glad you’re here, @Stian. Anyone who can make it all the way through Anchorhead and Cragne Manor is hardcore!


Hello. I am Dettus.
I am currently in the process of writing an interpreter for Magnetic Scrolls Textadventures, such as “The Pawn” and “The Guild of Thieves”.

Along the way, I am also writing a document, detailing my findings about reverse engineering the original data structures.