Introducing Ourselves


Hmm. I’ve been around here for a little while, but I never introduced myself. Here goes.

I normally live in Korea, but this calendar year I am in the US on sabbatical. As one of my spare-time hobbies, I’ve decided to pick up IF again. My experience with IF probably began in the early 80s, back when it was called “text adventures.” I remember enjoying it a lot. I was a big reader, so I was used to creating worlds in my mind from words on a page, and although the words in those text adventures tended to be somewhat simpler than many of the books I read, the interaction with the work made up for any narrative shortcomings–I could create my own narratives.

I suppose I moved on from text adventures to hybrid text/graphic adventures (I played a lot of Roberta Williams’ games, for example), CRPGs, and the like. I probably never consciously came to this conclusion, but I guess I assumed that text adventures died out as graphical and general computing capabilities improved. But one day in the mid 90s I somehow stumbled across IF–I think it was the IF Comp that probably first put me back on the trail–and I suddenly got very excited. Here were all those text adventures I used to love, but now they were so much better! I remember playing Spider and Web and having my mind absolutely blown. I played Photopia and, though it wasn’t what I had traditionally associated with “text adventures,” probably cried for the first time ever while playing a game. I got lost in Curses and never really wanted to find my way out again. But I did, and I started messing around with Inform. I got a good way into a game of my own with I6, but then in the late 90s my studies took over my life and IF fell by the wayside.

Fast-forward to this year. Though still busy, I found myself with a little more free time now that I was on sabbatical. My old I6 files were long since gone, but the stories were still in my head. I had dabbled in I7 on and off after it came out, but I never stuck with it. Now, though, I was determined. I have since begun rebuilding one of my old stories in I7, and I have gotten further along than ever before. The project is proving to be more complex than I had originally imagined, but this time I know that I will complete it. It may happen this year, or it may happen next year, but I know that I will finally finish my first game and join the ranks of IF authors. I hope that what I have to offer will be some recompense for everything that I have received from the community over the years.

I guess I’ve been on the boards here for only a few months now, but I can say that I enjoy spending time here, and I’ve found it to be a very helpful and welcoming community. My hope is that someday I will be knowledgeable enough in I7 to give a little back myself.

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Welcome to all!

(Doug Orleans) #743

Hi Suho, welcome back to the world of IF! Since you’re in Cambridge, MA, do you know about the People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction?


Hi Everyone,

I’m brand new to this forum. My name is Nathan, I’m in my mid-30’s, and I live in Las Vegas.

I remember somehow getting into IF as a teenager. I actually played around with an IF programming language (I don’t remember which one) before I ever actually played IF. Besides that, I have extensive experience with DnD/GURPS/Most roleplaying games, and played MUDs for years.

I’ve been in and out of the IF scene since 2001, mostly lurking on the newsgroups and a little at ifMUD, as well as following the IFComp. I’m glad to be back! I really enjoy reading about IF (no really - dissertations, articles, books), playing IF (I’m playing through some Infocom and random stuff I’m finding on the IFDB) and creating IF (I’m learning Inform7).

I look forward to reading through posts on this message board and getting more engaged in the IF community.

Thank You,


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Welcome Nathan! Glad to have you. There’s actually an interesting new multiplayer IF system in testing, which I’m sure you’ll run across if you read the posts here.


Hey all, i’m Hazel. I’m 20, and from England.

I recently became interested in interactive fiction through the never-ending stream of Twine games that show up on, and since I’ve discovered those my interest has spread to interactive fiction in general.

I’m also interested in writing, so I’m currently in the process of writing a Twine game, and I also run a Discord server for the discussion of IF/twine.

It’s a pleasure to meet you all.

(Hanon Ondricek) #747

Hi there Hazel!

I’m not a lurker on, but it sounds like I need spend more time there!

Also, check IFDB for the latest and classic IF releases including Twine.

Planet IF is a really useful IF blog aggregate for news and writing by many people creating, preserving and promoting IF.

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Hi everyone,

I’m John, 34, from England but now living in Vancouver, Canada. I’m a writer of both interactive and non-interactive fiction, and I’ve previously worked in the games industry. I launched my first Twine game, Seedship, earlier this year. Right now I’m working on my second game, which I’m planning to enter into the IFComp. I’ve dabbled in playing interactive fiction for ages, but recently I’ve become hooked on Choice of Games games.

Looking forward to getting to know you!


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Hi John!
I played a short bit of Seedship and it’s pretty fascinating. I’m sure it’s not the only space colonization/survival/resource management game, but this is really well done! I especially like how the readings all appear at different rates realistically and sometimes will flicker. Very impressive.

(John Ayliff) #750

Thank you! I was pretty pleased with myself when I got that flickering to work right. :slight_smile:


Hi, John.

Seedship was great - not just as a game, but as a little science fiction story, too. With small touches you made me really care about the player character and its mission.

Looking forward for more games from you.

(John Ayliff) #752

Thank you! And I’m intending to enter this year’s IFComp, so you’ll see something new from me there.


Welcome to Vancouver from a Vancouverite, John! Seedship is boffo, and I’ve heard the same from a number of friends who all discovered it independently. If you’re game for a distraction, you should send a proposal to the Active Fiction Project, who post up small geographically-based CYOAs around town a few times a year. You’re probably better connected than I in your relevant fields, but if you have any Vancouver questions please don’t hesitate to look me up! Cheers.


Hello everyone,

I am happy I found this place. Writing an interactive fiction has been in my head for quite a while.

I am a published author (not in English so you do not know me) and I grew tired of it. I do not want to publish anymore. I have been through a personal drama that ruined a lot of my positiveness, and even before that, I am actually quite bitter at the experience of publishing. I tried six times and in the end all that remains is a deep feeling of unsatisfaction.

But I am overcoming this and decided to write again, downgrading myself to amateurism because it feels better this way. And the world of literature suffers of such an acute sclerosis that I feel like I can do better than that if I walk out of it.

I have been toying with the idea of writing an interactive fiction for various reasons but I have very little experience of it. I played a handful of CYOA books when I was a teenager. I played a few videogames based on a storyline and I enjoyed them a lot, they considerably influenced my future writings, but all of these games are from the nineties. I am terribly out of touch with whatever is being done today and I am very intimidated by this forum where everyone seems to have gone much further than me, and I feel like whatever idea I have will sound ridiculous and cliché - like you already did it all and whatever I had in mind has been done over and over again. But I am willing to give it a try.

I hope to find some help in finding the right software to develop my story. I do not require much technology but I would like to try it at my pace, as this is primarily a hobby - which does not mean I won’t do it seriously. I will take my time anyway.

Nice to meet you all, I will try to contribute as much as I can, if by any chance I can help anyone with my humble contribution to whatever conversations are going on.

(Brian Rushton) #755

Welcome! Have you looked into Choicescript at all? It does a good job of allowing literary-type games, which are almost book-like but allow for choices and stats.


Thanks Craig - I was thinking of using Twine. I do not know about Choicescript but I will look into it.

The way I see it, there would be opportunnities for the reader to click on several options to go to other parts of the story. I would need to have hidden stats (mostly variables) so that some choices are made automatically. I wanted to include the opportunity for a reader to get involved and immersed by carrying an inventory. It is nothing complicated and I can find my way around it as long as I can use variables. I will take a look at Choicescript anyway! Any good work to see in Choicescript, to give me an idea of what it can made?

(Brian Rushton) #757

You should try Choice of the Dragon and/or Creatures Such As We to see some of the possibilities.

(Hanon Ondricek) #758

ChoiceScript sounds like a match. Stories are generally prose-heavy with high-level choices. The stats can be revealed or not. You can direct the reader to a bookmark based on a stat, or gray out unselectable choices if you want the player to be aware of them.

Also, CS has a new IDE that helped me a lot.


Thank you guys I will definitely check these, in particular ChoiceScript! I will let you know what I think about it.


Long-time player, first-time author, here. Nice to meet you all! I am going to try to submit something for IFComp 2017.

Question: I just tried to make a post in “Inform 6 and 7 Development” but after submitting it I don’t see it, and my profile says I have 0 posts. I’m guessing it’s waiting for approval, or I don’t have submission permissions because I’m new, or something? I tried looking at the FAQ, but it doesn’t have many specifics on that point.