Introducing Ourselves



My name is Ben, 24, I’m from Slovenia. I’m a student of electrical engineering (about to graduate) with too much time on my hands, and Interactive Fiction has been one of my main hobbies for quite a few years. I also love music (playing and listening to), hiking, and Steel Panthers: World at War. 8)

My very first taste of IF was a hilarious Legend’s masterpiece called “Eric The Unready”. I still think this is one of the best (and funniest) games ever made, and I can’t possibly recommend it enough. :laughing: I played some other Legend games as well (especially both “Gateways” and the “Spellcasting” series - which I still believe Harry Potter is based upon 8O), and some modern titles (though I’m afraid I have lots of catching-up to do in this area).

Since I also love to write, it wasn’t long before I started to fiddle around with Inform 6, trying to create a game of my own. So my first “exercise” in designing IF was a recreation of a certain act from “The Dig”, a graphical game by Lucas Arts, and to my surprise it actually came out quite well.

However, I realize that I will never be able to write a truly solid game; it’s the language that’s causing the problem. :cry: Though I have the general grasp of English, which is good enough for everyday chat on forums and such, it’s not nearly enough for what is required from an IF author. I’ll never be able to express myself quite as well in English as I can in my own language, Slovene.

So at the moment I seem to be on a special quest: I’m desperately trying to wake up (or create from nothing, for that matter) our own, Slovene IF community. In my country, the IF medium seems to be completely overlooked, which is just sad. :frowning: So last October I even made a translation of Inform 6 libraries to Slovene (if anyone’s interested, they’re located here:, and now I’m trying to recruit some other enthusiasts like me to actually write some Slovenian games. So far, I haven’t had much luck, but I’m not willing to give up just yet. :wink:

Anyway, so far I really like these forums and I think I’ll spend quite some time here in the future. Cheers!



Welcome to the forums, Ben. Have you written all of your IF in Slovene so far? It might be worth a shot to write a game in English, though I know there’s only so much time in the day to do all the projects you want to do (let alone do them in more than one language). I looked over your site and it made me want to learn Slovene! Good luck.



Thanks for the kind words, George! :slight_smile:

Yes, time is definitely the problem (at least truly dedicating it to just one activity). So far the only thing I am able to show in English (though it’s very basic) is the mentioned adaptation of The Dig (, but I do have a few other projects open as well. One of them, I think, is very good in concept - but I’m not sure how soon (if at all) it’ll be finished… It seems that I’m quite quick and enthusiastic when it comes to building up the “frame” (coding etc.), but filling it with words (especially in English, of course) takes time… :cry:

Anyway, like I said - my current goal is bringing IF to Slovenia, and if I manage to attract at least half a dozen “followers” here, I’ll consider it a job well done. :wink: In the meantime, I’ll keep on reading, playing, and dreaming about this fascinating medium I’ve grown so fond of. No matter the language. :smiley:



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Hi, I’m slg. I actually registered for the forums a long time ago but never posted till now… I discovered Infocom games when I was 7 or 8 and of course loved them and then Sierra’s games. And then in high school I started fiddling around with Inform but didn’t do anything seriously till college. In the last few years I’ve been working on my Triform library, which I think is nearly ready for a 1.0 release, and my IntroComp 2006 entrant The Art of Deception.



OK, you’ve got my curiousity up…Triform?


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It’s an alternative to the Standard Library which does a lot of things that Platypus and Onyx Ring do, but in different – not necessarily better ways – and adds some others. Last weekend I managed to shake out some persistent bugs. There is an old beta in the IF Archive.


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Hello all!

My name is Ben, I am 29, and for the moment reside in California. As I received the fabulous birthday present of unemployment this year, I have been obsessively working on my first game. It should be finished next year (I hope!) It is a Kafkaesque comedy/fantasy/tragedy/drama/philosophy game that is mysteriously exploding in 10 different directions as I write it.

Some of my favorite games include Infocom classics such as Trinity and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, LucasArts titles such as Maniac Mansion 2, Loom, and Monkey Island, and RPG/Adventure games such as Worlds of Ultima 2 and Planescape: Torment.

It’s nice to see that some people under 25 are working on interactive fiction. My worry has always been that it will die a slow and decrepid death as the children of the 80s age!



Allow me to be the first person to introduce themself this year - Hi! I’m JayDee.

I’m about 24 years old, live in Australia, and study at uni. Theoretically study, anyhow. Most of my time is spent in these PC labs, on forums and the like. Oops.

I played some text adventures when I was younger, and I played around with game making in AGT. Thankfully, nothing remains of those attempts. (My ZZT game on the other hand, I do still have. It was somewhat complete, though.) I later heard about Inform somewhere, and the whole z-machine architecture fascinated me even though I probably had never played an Infocom game. Ever since, I’ve been meaning to get further into the whole IF scene, and maybe someday I will.



Hallo. You, gentle forum-goers, can refer to me as Kell, or something along those lines. 21, Indiana, U.S. resident, who’s been hooked on gaming since Mattel’s Intellivision…well, when my mother introduced me to theirs at least.

I want to think my first IF-esque game was, uh…probably something called Hugo’s Adventure (or something like that). Graphics, real-time, moved with the arrow keys, however you paused the action to input commands like your usual IF variety: get key, throw torch at mummy, etc. Though I could be wrong, there’s been so many over the years. >_<

Right now I work, take care of my grandparents, and play games and read to pass the time. My skills lie along the lines of writing, programming (though I’m still a nub), and manual labor. But that last one’s often of little fun. D:

Got the heads up on IFComp 07’s crop of games from Games For Windows (and’s) freebie round-up. Was slowly playing my way through them when I found this place when looking for reviews and such.

Nice to (sort of) meet you all!



Welcome Kell and JayDee! It may be a little quiet on the forums at the moment, but I’ve noticed that discussion tends to go in bursts around here.



It’s usually busiest around IFComp time. Most of the year, people don’t post because nobody else is posting, so it stays pretty dead.



Hi there. I’ve been reading this forum for a few months now, and am now de-lurking for entirely selfish reasons. How ya doing?




hey Pacian, good to see you over here.



Hallo person!



Hi, I’m Gmaker56! :nerd:

I’m an average computer geek - sits all day in a dark room with a computer enjoying text on a screen! I’m 13 years old and can program some in BASIC and C#.(But not good at C#) I’m using JustBASIC to make my IF. I haven’t played much of IF but am getting a real kick out of it!



Hi gmaker56,

Unless you really relish the challenge of writing an IF game from the ground up–which is very difficult to do well–I strongly suggest you take a look at one of the existing IF programming languages. They give you a lot for free: a virtual machine that runs on many operating systems, a sophisticated parser, a basic world model; and you’ll still be able to build the game you envision.

Currently, the most used IF development systems are TADS 3 (which looks like a traditional programming language, and comes with a graphical IDE for Windows) and Inform 7 (which has an intriguing natural language approach, and comes with a graphical IDE for Linux, Windows and MacOS X).

Have fun!



Hi Gang!

Paul here from England. Only came across this forum the other day when searching for some help to a problem I had with my newly-discovered Inform7 download! And very glad I am to have found it, too!

I’m a fair bit older than most on here (I won’t go into specifics) and my first introduction to IF was a magazine article in Personal Computer World in about 1978 about this wonderful new game called ‘Adventure’ and how to program your own. Ever since then I’ve wanted to write my own game and did start a couple using BASIC on the Commodore Pet (while at school) and later, again in BASIC, on the VIC20 and then the C64. By then I’d actually played ‘Adventure’ on the college’s DEC PDP-10 mini (much to the annoyance of my Computer Science tutor!) and later bought and played all the adventure games I could afford (Scott Adams ones on the C64 and the Infocom Zork series - again on C64 - readily come to mind).

I ended up becoming completely obsessed with an online adventure game that actually had OTHER PEOPLE in it! YES! I know - amazing, huh? But then this was 1982. This was MUD (the very first!) running on the mainframe at the University of Essex, and could only be played at night (I was a computer operator by this time working shifts and could play all night every third week) using a special connection that you could only rent from British Telecom. Cost me about £70 per month in phone bills which, in the early 80’s was a huge amount (about a week’s wages at the time if I recall correctly).

Well, life got in the way after that, and MUD ended up going commercial and I didn’t want to pay a hefty phone bill AND pay to play and I drifted away from text adventures.

Late 90’s and I discovered this thing called Inform and the Z-machine (and British Legends - the original MUD now running on CompuServe!) and re-kindled my interest in IF. I downloaded the old Zork games and was hooked again! I tried learning Inform and then, in an attempt to get around my short-comings in that department, wrote an IDE for Inform called Inform Edit (later renamed to Inform Explorer). Again life got in the way and IE ended up gathering dust and the world of IF moved on without me.

Recently I re-discovered MUD, only in the form of MUD2 this time, and spurred on by that have again become interested in authoring something myself. I saw I7 about 2 years ago, but was too busy at that time to follow it up, and downloaded it again last week and have been looking at it since then and trying to get my head around it. My personal project is to port MUD2 into I7 and, with the aid of Guncho, get it up and running in multi-user mode. I’ve made a start, but I guess only time will tell whether I actually get very far with it (I have a very good history of starting things and then losing interest).

Well, that’s me - bit of a mish-mash of experience - and I hope to be a good contributor to the forum.




Hi Paul!

I got my BSc in Computer Science from the University of Essex, so an extra special welcome to the forum for you. :smiley:



Welcome Paul. Your MUD2 to Guncho project sounds very cool. How is Guncho coming along these days anyway?



Hi Pacian, hi George!

Thanks for the welcome. Small world, eh Pacian? I never went to the Uni, but lived down the road in nearby Clacton. Did you ever get to play MUD while it was on the Uni’s machine or was that before your time?

I don’t really know much about Guncho or how it works, but understand from the author (Jesse McGrew) that development is currently on hold (real life getting in the way!), but that he plans to resume development in the “near future”.

I’m hoping that he does and that it gets better over time as I’ve already found a few things about it that I’m not completely happy with, but hey: it’s saved me from having to do much of the hard work that I knew was needed to get it up and running.