Introducing Narrato: tool for creating eLearning interactive stories


I was a big fan of interactive stories since childhood, when I played Space Rangers, Space Rangers 2. What I like about interactive stories is that they give deep emotional experience, because we make choices and take responsibility for character. For me, this is a special level of immersion, a relationship with the story itself and its readers.

When I grew up, I noticed that format has changed, but is still popular even among teenagers (apps like Romance Club). Eventually I found out that some people uses interactive stories for learning, and that was mind-blowing for me :sparkles:.

I believe in big future for interactive stories as a huge part of eLearning processes. But to become part creating them should be easy, as creating website on constructor. That’s how I’ve started creating Narrato. In addition to the great love from our team, it also has several significant advantages:

  • Easy-to-use editor without coding, exporting to HTML and things like that.
  • Many types of content: image, video, list, quote, embed like youtube. Lots of others are coming (chat-like messages).
  • Variables and conditional logic for multi-linear narrative.
  • Telegram bot is ready to use, as well as API, so other clients (Web, mobile, other messengers) are coming.

We really need your feedback to make the product better. I would like Narrato to help novice authors and everyone could understand it.

It would be great if in the future Narrato eLearning interactive stories could be useful for marketing or entertainment, but at the moment we are focused only on education.

Thank you for taking the time to my project, for me it is very important.


Looks interesting!

What features are directed towards learning?

How complicated of stories can you make (i.e. how does the backend handle branches and variables?)


Your project does look very interesting. Is a link available where we can see a demo or obtain further information?

Welcome to Intfiction.

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Yes, sure.

Here is the link to the home page:

Here you can see the basic information and try to create your own quest. I would be glad to receive your any feedback.

Links for gameplay:

  1. Telegram-bot - Telegram: Contact @NarratoStoriesBot
  2. Web-player - Narrato

Thanks for your interest in the project!

Narrato has variables and conditional logic.

If variables reached success condition or fail, quest goes to success or fail location, accordingly.
Also some transitions (aka branches) are only available if meet condition (like ‘money > 5’).

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Hi Andrey,

I found the home page of Narrato by visiting the teegram-bot, but it is not obvious.

Narrato looks very interesting. If you share the link to the Narrato home page here, it would be useful to others if that is your intention.

Thank you, Jeff

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Oh, website doesn’t allows me more than 2 links, so I had to choose :slight_smile:

So here it is -

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