IntroComp 2010

Just a quick reminder that intents to enter IntroComp 2010 are being accepted through the end of May.

Deadlines and rules can be found at

An unofficial note that 9 games have been released as a part of this comp.

You can find them here.

Due to an error in the spanky new automated vote-tally system, the Introcomp deadline kicked in several hours too early. Oops.

If you tried to vote some time between the True Deadline and the erroneous False Deadline, we ask that you refrain almost completely from rioting, filing lawsuits and mounting lamentably ineffective protest demonstrations, because THE DEADLINE FOR VOTING HAS BEEN EXTENDED BY 24 HOURS. Or, y’know, if you just forgot, or if you are violently awoken tomorrow morning by the realisation that you have naively failed to appreciate a game’s hidden genius and only by changing your vote to a 10 can you make amends. We’re not fussy.

If you entered your votes before all that, rest assured that they’re safe, have been located and will continue to their proper destination just as soon as we can extract them from the grip of the resourceful if overenthusiastic baggage-handlers of Ouagadougou.