Into the Shadows of the Maze

A horror text adventure without any jump scares or anything like that.
Instead this is a game where your mind begin’s to slip into the dark
abyss. A sixty six room game taking place on a cold windy night in a
off the highway corn maze. Tell me what you think, cause I’m dying to
Into the shadows of the maze.7z (279 KB)

I’m pretty hesitant to open .exe files (sorry) but I did take a look at your source. Thoughts under the cut.

[spoiler]This game has a very old-school feeling. In general, mazes are obnoxious, and so are timer puzzles, but there’s a certain charm to this one because of the sheer variety of room descriptions. I can see how locating new rooms would be a reward in itself for the right player.

However, the writing needs some polish, particularly around grammar and spelling. A few examples:

“Your” -> You’re
“mase” -> maze
“that stretches out by at least twelve feet or so.” -> Should this be “up” instead of “out”? If not, I’m not sure what you’re trying to do here.
“In such a way that it almost brings a level of horror to the night.” -> This is a sentence fragment.

“No where” -> Nowhere
“say’s” -> says
“hel” -> hell

If you rebuild this in a modern interactive fiction language (such as Inform 7, TADS 3, Adrift, or Quest), then it will be playable online, and people won’t have to run an .exe. Since it’s just a maze without complicated mechanics, it should be reasonably easy to translate, and then people who don’t want to run .exes (or can’t easily do so, like Mac and Linux users) can try out your game.[/spoiler]