"Into the Dragon's Den" - new Quest game

Your goal is to impress a band of thieves in order to join their gang. It’s a fairly quick and easy play written entirely in “Seussian” rhyme (as was the challenge). You’ve been warned!

Any feedback/critiques are much appreciated.

textadventures.co.uk/games/view/ … ragons-den

I tried this out shortly after the original post and got stuck

trying to handle the bear.

I returned later and found that an updated version of the game had been deployed and that I had been trying the correct thing all along. From there, I was able to reach the winning ending. The new version also corrected some other inconsistencies like a character having left the room but still being described as present in the room description.

I found some of the humor juvenile, and the meter isn’t 100%, but writing an entire game in rhyme is ambitious, and there were several parts that elicited a chuckle.

I liked the use of a health meter to soften the impact of what would otherwise be old school instadeath situations.

The quantity of yes/no prompts was tedious. It would be good to disable them after the first visit to an area, or possibly entirely.

Still have no idea about

Shay’s first riddle. Luckily, I was able to figure out her third and, later, her second.

It would also be good if the ending

tied back into the thieves guild plot more explicitly.

Thanks for the feedback. To be quite honest… I planned all along returning the character to the guild for a final conclusion, but was too damned fed up with writing in rhyme the whole time! :laughing:

But, as of now, it will remain this way. I do plan on an extended edition where I add a confrontational ending with the guild thieves, just too rhymed out to make that addition! As for the yes/no question when entering the two rooms, eliminating that after the player has already answered yes once does seem like a good idea - should be easy enough.

Thanks again. I appreciate for the feedback!