I use the ifarchive just once in a year, and this is my second time at all, so I may be missing something.
I put the release 2 of AA in there on feb 4th. Some of the files entered later passed through while mine are still waiting.
What’s up?

Did I do something wrong (the files are particularly heavy, 10Mb circa each) or is it normal to que for 10 days?

I’m not pushing anyone, let it be intended. Just asking :slight_smile:

Sorry about that - I have been busy with various other things, not least of which is that I became a father last year. I will get round to moving your files into the Archive proper, hopefully at the weekend. I generally try to do at least a few files each day, but yesterday I only had a few minutes free so I just moved in a couple of files from unprocessed that were just updates to existing files - these are quicker since I can just overwrite the existing files and tweak the index entries, which is why it appears that newer files than yours got processed first. In general we try to do a “first in, first out” policy for unprocessed files.

Hey David, thanks a lot. It was not me being dumb, and this is relieving :slight_smile:

As for being busy because you became father last year… trust me: I understand you. Happy days!