Where do I post interviews?

To your blog or website, I’d imagine (if you have a blog or website).

To your editor, perhaps (if you have a market for it).

If it’s IF-specific, maybe post a copy to the IF Archive? They have directories for that sort of thing, IIRC.

The interview the Get Lamp guy did with Stephen Grenade has so far been watched by four people. I’m one of them. Call me an egomaniac, but I want a bigger audience than that. Is there a place on this forum where I can post interviews with pre-eminent members of this community?

It depends on the interview, but I’d say that either this forum or “Getting Started and General Game Design” are probably the most on-topic places to post a link.

SPAG would be my guess.

Not a link. I want the interview to be posted directly and in its entirety on this forum, so that it may be archived and preserved for posterity. The best solution would a subdirectory called Pudloland, devoted solely to my stuff. It ought to be preceded by the following warning.

A WARNING: I think fast and I think deep. Because I do not want to waste your time, I suggest that all but the most intelligent readers ignore this subdirectory. If you do go on from here, please have the courtesy to concentrate. The art of deep thinking is disappearing, much thanks to the mental laziness of such audiences as the present one. Thinking is after all one of the two main pleasures of an intelligent human being, the other being fucking, known in polite society as “the pursuit of happiness.” If you find the thinking in this subdirectory too fast and too intricate, I suggest you pursue your happiness elsewhere.

Posting them in a single thread seems best. This thread will work, since you’ve already added the warning.

(I assume you’re talking about text transcripts rather than video; the web forum doesn’t host video or image uploads.)

That place is controlled by the Establishment.

I’m going to post them in this directory but in a separate thread.

You assume correctly.

Have you seen the interview he did with Demian Katz? I actually purchased Get Lamp specifically for the Demian Katz stuff, and it turns out that none of the Katz footage survived the final cut :frowning:

Okay, I’ll bite. Who will you interview?

Himself. He already posted it. It’s quite funny.

In a cowardly, Socratic-Dialogue sort of way :slight_smile:

But he’s no Demian Katz. I want that Demian Katz material :frowning: