Interstellar: The Text Adventure (advergame)

There seems to be a text adventure on the Interstellar website now. I haven’t played much but the parser is pretty crude (doesn’t respond to “x” rather than “look at,” when there’s something you want to wear you have to type “get thing” rather than “wear thing”)–and it also buries its limited verb set a bit. (You have to type “help commands” to see exactly what the verbs are.)

Playing it a bit more it seems like they didn’t take much care here–there are actions in the room descriptions and a “to” for a “too.” Plus text that gradually scrolls on. So maybe this is more of a curiosity (and “who did this?”) than something you’d want to play.

via Storycade and I forget where else I saw this.

Is there any knowledge of what language it was made in? Was it in a conventional IF language or not?

After playing for a bit I’m pretty certain this is hand-rolled.

It’s hand-written Javascript – you can load the files, they’re not obfuscated.