Interstate Zero problem

need a hint (please as quick as possible): how do you get on the bus? can’t find neither money nor a ticket, nor a complete walkthrough

has the source code ever been released btw?

come on people I NEED that answer
there is no walkthrough on the net


Obviously, I-0 has loads of possible solutions, plenty of which are easy to find, so I’ll assume that you really, really want to solve this particular solution.

Hint 1:

Have you looked around in Ed’s store? Specifically at the beverage case and its contents?

Hint 2:

Okay, I’ll admit: I have no idea how to get this particular soda. But there’s another one around. It’s not actually described anywhere, except when you first arrive in Willowburton.

Hint 3:

Josh has it.

Hint 4:

You can get his soda by being very nice or very horrible to him.

Hint 5:


Hint 6:

Now peel the label from the bottle, wait for the bus and give the label to the driver.

Well there is this.

peel the label? ok I overlooked this one but it doesn´t make too much sense

yeah and this is not mentioned in the hints file you link to, which is not a “walkthrough” therefore


PS: it was worth it :wink: