Interpreting 'go into' as going down/below

Sorry, completely noob question here but you know how it is when starting out with Inform.

I’m looking to make it so the player can use the command

go into cave

To go down into a cave, therefor being in ‘The Tunnel’.

Here is my current location list (bar the starting location, which is The Clearing):

Northeast from The Clearing is The Stream. Northwest from The Clearing is The Camp. Southwest from The Clearing is The Cave. Southeast from The Clearing is The Lake. Above The Lake is The Waterfall. North of The Waterfall is The Riverside Path. South of The Stream is The Riverside Path. Northeast of The Lake is The Cliff. Southeast of The Stream is The Cliff. Southwest of The Camp is The Rope. South of The Rope is The Ledge. Below The Ledge is The Cave. Below The Cave is The Tunnel. South of The Tunnel is The Cavern.

I’ve tried:

Understand "go into cave" as going down.

But this feels too simple, and of course it throws up an error.

Anyone know the easiest way to do this?

I’d do something like this.

The Ledge is a room. "You're on a ledge. There's the entrance to a cave nearby. Why not explore it?"
The Tunnel is a room. "You're in the cave now."
The tunnel is inside from the ledge. The tunnel is below the ledge.

The cave entrance is scenery in the Ledge. The description of the cave entrance is "You can't see much from here, you'd need to go down into the cave."
Instead of entering the cave entrance: try going down.

Sorry I should have made it more clear, the area of ‘The Cave’ is a clearing where the mouth of the cave is. ‘The Tunnel’ is essentially the cave.

You can name and describe the rooms however you like, I just phrased it here in a way to minimize potential confusion for you (between “the cave” and “the cave entrance”). This would work just as well.

South of the ledge is a room called Outside the Cave. Below it is the Tunnel.
The cave entrance is scenery in Outside the Cave.
Instead of entering the cave entrance: try going down.

Thanks very much mate, that helped. I think I need to read up on the use of scenery.

Scenery is a very useful thing. It’s generally used for background elements which won’t be shown in the room description and usually can’t be manipulated very much by the player. If you describe some mountains and trees in the room description, adding them as scenery will let the player examine them as well.

Ok, so that worked perfectly. I can now get inside the tunnel by saying ‘enter the cave’ whilst in The Cave room.

However, once I’m in The Tunnel I cannot get back out using an ‘exit the cave’ command.

This is what I’ve tried:

[code][//THE CAVE]

		The cave entrance is scenery in The Cave.
		Instead of entering the cave entrance: try going down.

		The cave exit is scenery in The Tunnel.
		Instead of exiting the cave exit: try going up.[/code]

Unlike ENTER, the verb EXIT doesn’t take an object by default. (It’s assumed that the player will only use it if they’re in something, in which case they the thing they want to leave should be obvious.) If you’ve implemented the “inside” and “outside” directions as well as “up” and “down” here, as I did in my first example code, typing EXIT will get you out automatically.