Interpreter for Raspian?

Does anyone know if there are interpreters available for a Raspberry Pi? I think it would be really fun to gut a dead C64 and put a Pi in it to dedicate to IF games. My understanding is the Pi runs a proprietary version of Linux but I’ve yet to ever see one or play with it. Hopefully, someone here has already tried. :thinking:

These are old threads but it looks like some people on the Raspberry Pi forums mentioned Gargoyle-free and Frotz and also QTads.


That answered it right there.

Thank you again sir.

FWIW, I don’t think the software that comes with a Pi is particularly “proprietary” — it is a version of Debian Linux, and doesn’t seem to be very heavily modified. And you can certainly run other free OSes on it if you want. I’ve had success running Fedora, FreeBSD, and NetBSD on my RPI 3B+.

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Just to confirm, I had no problem getting the Zork Trilogy to run on an older Pi way back then. I was playing with the idea of a portable handheld IF game machine. I probably still have the SD card with the setup someplace, but that was years ago. I think there are probably newer and better versions by now.

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Great! Thanks Seeker for the confirmation!

command line frotz and gui gargoyle work well on the latest version of Raspbian running on a RPi 3B+. You can use apt to install both.

I have used both with success on earlier versions of Raspbian as well.

Raspian is not proprietary only a version of Debian specifically targeted at the RPi.

Thank you fos1. Proprietary was a poor choice of words on my part. I found out later it’s just a customized Debian.

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