Interesting quirk with exiting a certain room

No matter which exit I go,…the description of the new room does not display on its own,. I cant find anything that would stop it perhaps you can,.

Ticketing Area is a room. "At last!  The Ticketing Area is a non descript white hut with air conditioning and a woman behind a glass panel.  Next to her is a [special-style-1]sign[roman type].North you can see the boat dock, to the east the monorail platform, off to the northeast you see a vending area."
West of Ticketing Area is nowhere.
East of Ticketing Area is Vending Area.
Saleswoman is a woman.
Sign is scenery in Ticketing Area.
The description is "The sign reads Tickets $85."
The Booth is a container.
The Booth is fixed in place.
The Booth is enterable and openable and open.
The Booth is in Ticketing Area.
Saleswoman is in Booth.
Ticket is scenery in Ticketing Area.

After going from  Ticketing Area:
	if lc1 is  0:
		now LC1 is LC1 + 5;
		now LC2 is LC2 + 3;
		now LC3 is LC3 + 1;
		continue the action.
Before going to Ticketing Area:
	display the figure Booth centered;
	continue the action.

Before entering the booth:
	say "The Saleslady yells [special-style-2] Shut the door, you are not allowed in here.[roman type]";
	stop the action.
Before closing the booth:
	say "As you shut the door, a five dollar bill flutters to the ground in front of you.";
	now Five Dollar bill is in Ticketing Area.
Before taking the five dollar bill:
	now totalmoney is totalmoney + 5;
	now Five Dollar Bill is nowhere;
	say "You take the Five Dollar Bill.  Your total is now $[totalmoney].00.";
	stop the action.
Instead of buying ticket:
	if totalmoney is less than 85 :
		say "Come back when you have money kid.";
		stop the action;
		say "Here you go....";
		Park Ticket to player;
		now totalmoney is totalmoney - 85.
[Instead of buying the ticket:
	if the player has the coin, try giving the coin to the ogre;
	otherwise say "You have no money."]

Is the problem that the room description doesn’t appear when you go somewhere from the Ticketing Area? And if so, in your After rule, is the “continue the action” line indented under the “if lc1 is 0” condition? If so, that might be the problem since then it only fires at most once (presuming lc1 starts at 0).

When posting code for troubleshooting like this, I think it’s usually easier to use the pre-formatted text option since that retains spacing, tabs, etc. You can do that by clicking the little button in the header that looks like this: </> Or you can just type in three back quotes before and another three after the excerpt (back quotes are the other thing on the tilde key).

Turns out that this little block is the issue…I commented it out and it works. Not sure why though.

After going from  Ticketing Area:
	if lc1 is  0:
		now LC1 is LC1 + 5;
		now LC2 is LC2 + 3;
		now LC3 is LC3 + 1;
		continue the action.

After rules replace reporting rules. So if you have an After rule firing when the player enters a new location, unless you include a “try looking” or “continue the action” they won’t see the description of the new room. The issue is that in your code above, “continue the action” should be indented one tab less, so that it always executes rather than just in the circumstance where lc1 is 0.

Because of the indentation, if lc1 isn’t 0 then it won’t continue the action, so it won’t report anything. Pull back “continue the action” one level of indentation and it should work.

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