Interesting Discovery about a Map Creator

Twine Version: 2.36.1

While browsing the Internet, I came across a Program that someone created that helps create RPG Grid Maps.
Its called Blocky Maps.

(Dont know if it should go here)

So if your using Sugarcube and is making a RPG, creating a Map can be done simply with this.

PS: Ill answer any questions about the program because I have now gotten a grasp on it.
Also may make it Mobile Supported.


That is so cool! Thanks for sharing. Seems really user/programmer-friendly.

I love stuff like this.

It is pretty friendly. Once you learn a bit about it.
Sadly the creator doesn’t update it anymore.

Maybe I missed it in the link you provided with the map demo, but here is the link to the general GitHub documentation if others are interested…

➤ Blocky Maps Documentation

The programmer of Blocky Maps also wrote a bunch of other stuff that seems so useful…

➤ Custom Macros

There was a button that’d send you to it, but thanks for putting it down for others.