Interactive Twitter Thread! [for "A Compendium of Lesser-Known Cryptids" Kickstarter]

Hi there!

A Compendium of Lesser-Known Cryptids is an upcoming illustrated anthology which I’m co-writing and co-producing with Zaire Lanier, Anna Webster, and Nessa Cannon! Several other writers and artists will be joining us as fellow cryptozoologists, and it’s a huge honor to be working with this group of incredibly talented creators. Many of us, including my fellow Councilmembers mentioned above, have years of experience writing for games, whether independently, as freelancers, or at studios like Hardsuit Labs and Unknown Worlds.

We’ll be crowdfunding this anthology on Kickstarter from July 19th to August 13th. Rewards will include a digital PDF, a paperback print edition, and some other intriguing artifacts we’ll share more about going forward. SVCS founder Zaire has previous experience with the platform after funding her original graphic novel The Bone Herder, and other members of our team also have experience successfully funding projects.

This will not be an interactive anthology, BUT I’ll be experimenting with “Twitter IF” this week as we prepare to launch: I’ll be running an interactive poll-based thread on Twitter for the next few days, starting this afternoon at 1PM EST.

Anyone with an account can participate! If you want to follow along, I’m @gcbaccaris on Twitter.

This is a new thing for me; I’m used to writing choice-based IF, but it’ll be interesting to try doing it live on social media. The thread will reach a conclusion (which will depend on readers’ participation and choices) by 11:59 PM EST on this coming Saturday, the 17th.

If the anthology itself sounds like it’s up your alley, you can follow it on Kickstarter to receive an email notification when our campaign goes live on the 19th!

The Compendium presents the findings of the fictionalized Seldom Valley Cryptid Society, a group of passionate cryptozoologists who will investigate elusive creatures and present our findings via illustrations, photographs, short tales, transcripts of encounters, and more. We’re interested in a diverse array of creatures: the foul, the sweet, the incorporeal, and everything in between.