Interactive fiction on Steam

Hi, I’m a linux user and I discovered rich world of IF some time ago and I played them mostly through Gargoyle. Last year Valve ported Steam on linux. Now… I’m curious if there’s possibility to bring some comercial interactive fiction games on Steam. I looked at the Steam Greenlight and found only one russian game Mainland Which is quite disapponting (not the game itself, the quantity). I’d definitely appreciate some games written in Inform (including old Infocom games) or in TADS (1893: A World’s Fair Mystery) on Steam. What do you think, is it possible? Does somebody try to do it?

Greenlight is something of a meat grinder, I am told, and I’m not sure an already-released game can get in.

There are two sides to the meat grinder: first, it’s a competition. You have to be one of the top games in Greenlight to get in, meaning you have to defeat other games to earn your spot. Second, the voting requires you to vote against some games.

The end result is that instead of people saying “meh, this is not my thing” they feel the need to attack your game, and you, for trying to compete against the kind of game they like.

I’ve mentioned Steam because it’s highly popular and when I see a boom of indie games because of digital distribution on stores like Steam, Desura or Humble Bundle I’m starting to belive that, maybe, on these stores is also a space for a commercial IF. Sure, many people didn’t even know that something like modern IF exist, but even if they does there’s no opportunity to buy it. It’s some kind of a vicious circle. And that’s a shame.

What about some IF bundle, etc.?

For over a year now, Valve has said that they plan to open up Steam so anyone can upload their games to Steam, but only certain games get featured in the store. When that happens, expect to see a lot more interactive fiction.