Interactive Fiction Front-End?

Is there a known IF Front-End for various IF file types such as Inform 6 and 7, Tads, Hugo, Adrift, Quest, etc.? Basically I am looking for a front-end program to launch all my IF through the gargoyle interpreter. So I can scroll through the list of games and choose and it executes.

Thank You

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If you’re using Mac, there’s Splatterlight. If you’re using Linux, there’s Grotesque. If you’re using Windows, there’s also Grotesque but it’s unsupported. Finally, there’s also Blorple which is for Windows & Mac.

I think all are considered to be beta software. Grotesque might be a bit buggy in places and the front-end hasn’t been worked on much in the past year and a half, but it’s not a forgotten project. Blorple hasn’t been worked on in the past 4 years, so I don’t know its status. I’m not sure about Splatterlight’s status.

Spatterlight is not a front-end for Gargoyle. It’s an old and slow interpreter.

I stand corrected. I only knew of it for its library management functionality. I didn’t realize that it also doubles as an interpreter.

I am using Linux so I will be using Grotesque. Does this program just catalog the IF or does it catalog and execute Gargoyle (the interpreter I will be using) when you select the IF you want to play? Thank you for your responses much appreciated.


You can set it up to use any interpreter you want. When you first run the program, it will auto-detect Gargoyle if it’s already installed on your system. To launch a game, just double-click on it or hit the “play” button.

Awesome…I will give this a spin. Thanks for the reply jakobcreutzfeldt (had to copy and paste the name:)).