Interactive Fiction for alexa?

So, there are already some good IF for Amazon’s Alexa yet?

Also, I wonder if there are skills that are interpreters for our common IF.

That is. Thanks.

“Interactive Fiction” is available to enable. Several other IF related skills are available.

There was a commercial interactive story some months back but I can no longer find it. I find that audio enabled IF is less satisfying than text. I have had access to Talking Books from the Library of Congress for many years. I lose interest rather quickly. When I am having trouble sleeping, I can always turn on a talking book… :wink:

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Huh. Just recently a former student who now works for Amazon and has written some Alexa skills contacted me and offered to collaborate on some voice-based IF for Alexa.

He suggested I try The Magic Door to get started. I played through a couple of its adventures with my kids. It’s light fantasy and has a pretty decent amount of game, but it really is too aimed at children for my tastes. It would probably be a great game to play with the entire family on a long car ride, though.

I’m kind of intrigued by the possibilities of voice-based IF. Alexa is certainly a huge platform for reaching audiences, and there’s not much yet out there for it in terms of interactive stories (I think). I also wonder what kinds of games and stories work best with voice input as opposed to the parser or hyperlinked choice input that we tend to see in this community.

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Here is another one:

a short one, very well produced:

It is based on the ubiquitous Do it, by Santiago Eximeno.

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