Interactive Fiction e-Zine

I’ve been working on an interactive fiction zine for a bit - at the moment largely working out its permutations in terms of form and format. At its core it’ll be a b-monthly or quarterly project releasing self-contained games, though whether they’re choice-based, parser, gamebooks, or VNs depends on interest. With sufficient breadth of interest I’d like to mix it up with different sorts of games.

It would be a big help if you would consider filling out a quick survey to help me determine where interest lies, if there’s a viability to do a higher-quality paid version, etc. Here’s a link to a survey I’ve set up: Interactive Fiction Zine Survey

There’s also an email newsletter you can sign up for if you’d like to be kept up to date on the project, though I’ll update this thread as I work on it as well.


(In addition to the games I’ll be writing on the history and development of the genre, reviewing obscure old games, and providing writing tips. You know. Zine stuff.)


I’ll report on the survey when responses slow down a bit, but so far it seems that people believe that $5 is a fair price for short (novella-length) IF and $10 is fair for longer (novel-length) work.

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