Interactive fiction chimera of gamebook, RPG, and comic


First of all, sorry for not get in touch sooner, but this month has been like madness.

I’m Ruber Eaglenest, editor at the Spanish indie magazine, and I was also know as El Clérigo Urbatain, interactive fiction designer. I made the remake of Dracula part 1 and part 2, and I localized Reliques of Tolti Aph to Spanish. And I’ve been betatester of some great IF pieces, like some of the Eric Eve works.

I want to present you a game we are Kickstarting right now. We have only 48 hours left.

It is a digital gamebook adaptation but we got nuts and go for the interactive comic thing.

Internally the structure is similar to any gamebook, but we plan to cut the narrative to little pieces so we could provide great interactivity and agency, in a classic Interactive Fiction way. You know, like Jon Ingold has done with Sorcery!.

Ok, here is the url to the project: … active-fi/

Hope you like it.

We need your help, but more importantly we need your diffusion. We have created some crazy rewards to make it easier. We don’t think anybody will pledge 5.000 euros to be the hero of a game, but, that helps us get some attention :wink:

If you want to know more about the design, I recommend you to read the interview that Emily Short did with me. As I always say : sorry my bad english :wink: But I think there is some great stuff inside the interview: … ut-zfiles/

That’s all! Independently if the crowdfunding ends well or bad, I would be super happy to get feedback on the design, and I could answer any question you have about it.


Ruber Eaglenest.