Interactive fiction by Disney

My wife found this video today of an interactive fiction game by Disney:

Does anyone know more about this? If Disney is making interactive fiction, that’s pretty cool.

It’s an audio game for Google Home.

Looks like an ad for Google Home. As with the Amazon Echo, I am not sure I want a microphone that pipes everything that happens in my apartment to a mega corporation.

I would argue that a lot of what Disney does is interactive fiction*. :slight_smile:

More seriously, my favorite IF-related Disney project from recent years was the Ghost Post, documented in scraps across the internet: … -delivery/
and the in-park tie-in content:

*full disclosure: I spent a few years working for Disney, have gotten to see cool prototypes, can no longer remember what is public and what is not, so get wary about giving too many concrete examples

Is this the thing (I’ve seen YouTube unboxings) where people got a series of mailings of some cool artifacts and puzzly stuff which ultimately directed them to interact with fixtures in the park, and then ride in a special Haunted Mansion car that had alternate narration?

Yep, that thing indeed! You can get a full story experience from just the mailings, though; the park content is really just a bonus.

That’s a neat concept. How do you get this in the mail? Is it random or can you subscribe somewhere?

It was a limited-edition subscription. They only sold 999 of them at $199 each. … enger-hunt

Other articles say “from the Disney Store”. I suspect it may have been online or possibly at retail.

That would be pretty cool

Oh cool! I’d never heard of the “Ghost Post” before, although I’m working on something sort of similar at the moment (Kickstarter for “Murder in the Mail” starts this Saturday, and will include a real-life treasure hunt for Canberra locals).

I’m definitely going to go research that some more.