Interactive fiction (and other game dev) at a Google Talk

I spoke at Google Cambridge two weeks back, and the video just went up!

“Everyone Can Make Games Now” is about the rise of game engines that are usable by non-programmers, with a particular focus on video games as an art form. I discussed the technologies involved (with a particular focus on interactive fiction, such as Inform 7, Twine, and ChoiceScript), the people using them, and how those technologies are bringing about an artistic and cultural revolution.

It’s about 45 minutes long, with 15 minutes of Q&A afterward.

Everyone Can Make Games Now

Thank you again to all the non-programming game devs on these forums (and everywhere else) who discussed their experiences with me.

“Talks at Google” and “Ted Talks” are awesome, but this is a topic that has intrigued me for decades so I watched with even greater than normal interest. Paying rapt attention paid off with an epiphany: I’ve been making silly little games for years and now I understand why. And it turns out that I’m a lot like many other people in this regard. Those reading this will need to watch the video to understand what I’m referring to, because it is explained so well.

Good luck with that thing you’ve been “quietly working on behind the scenes,” Carolyn! Thank you for the enjoyable, educational, and inspiring talk.