Interactive fiction and mathematicians

Math guy here too.

Funny anecdote: ten years ago there used to be a website for IF translations, and among the list of people who signed up to potentially help with translations was Harald Helfgott, who is now famous for solving a 250-year old problem. Small world :slight_smile: No idea if he ever was very involved in IF though.


Kent Tessman … nt+Tessman

J. Robinson Wheeler … on+Wheeler

Jim Munroe … Jim+Munroe

Kent’s script Chrome Noir is currently being given an “ear movie” podcasting reading with full acting cast. … -noir-pt-1

And I did mention my fine arts studies included media arts. I’ve only worked on mathematics education videos, though, including a series teaching algebra via moto-cross.

I’m not strictly speaking a mathematician, but close enough (I do physical simulation and geometry processing).

He was on ifmud just this week. He’s around.

Oh wow, I had no idea! Sounds like I should really try to get on this IFMud thing :slight_smile:

In order to boost my math credentials, maybe I should add that I also have an MSc in physics. Wouldn’t want to be left out of the cool science crowd! :wink:

BA in English and Ancient History, Honours in English. I’ve been programming probably since I was 7 or 8, but I never liked or was much good at maths, but I did great in formal logic at university. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

English, lit & creative writing classes out the wazoo, but not coincidentally my last flirtation with math was passing with a rounded-up mark of 49.5% in grade 11. That probably explains my great track record of four IF releases in 20 years…

Now that your outlier claim has been disproved, let me make an attempt at that title: Bassoon teacher.

But though I’ve never studied any advanced maths, I always enjoyed maths, and if I hadn’t passed the entrance tests for the music, I would most likely have ended up a programmer.

I get the impression we have a respectable number of musicians…

I went to acting school, then to my city’s conservatory, now I’m studying under a private teacher and performing occasionally and am trying to get anywhere as a lyric singer. Tellingly, I tried to write IF, and enjoy the programming part of it to an extent, but am mostly just a player!

I’m a linguist and a theologian, but I’ve also did half an engineering degree, so maths, yay?

Math major in college. Which, based on the sort of games I wrote, shouldn’t surprise anyone, but hey, one more data point.

All the same, I knew I wasn’t a mathematician. Nothing in theoretical mathematics really grabbed me, but I do enjoy odd math problems.

So you’ve graduated to odd word problems. :slight_smile:

(“odd” meant to be exquisite and unique. Positive stuff!)

Thanks! Well, they’ve always been there. I think I took a big detour in college when I started reading more & that got me to where I felt I could do stuff with words.

And if this isn’t getting too much off topic, I think there’s mathematicians vs math problems and problemists. The second was more my thing. I was pretty good at answering them in math contests but felt like a trained animal not being able to make problems of my own.

There actually is one more math problem I’d love to implement in a text adventure that I haven’t seen yet, but I haven’t found a way to translate it to anything that is close to fun or sensible.

Which one?

I majored in math and minored in linguistics. I had noticed the math connection before, but it’s not like we’re a majority or anything.

Perhaps we’re a strong plurality?

Also, Draconis, I’d rather keep quiet as someone else may take it and do better than I did! Professional secrets/jealousy and so forth :slight_smile: