Interactive Fiction [24/7] Chat Room (IRC)

:nerd: Hey everyone, I setup an IRC channel for general Interactive Fiction talk.

Connect Here:

If you have your own IRC client and would like to connect with that instead use this:

This is a bit of an experiment, hopefully we get some good traffic through to justify having it.
See you there!

I just want to share that I’ve tried going into the IfMUD once, and it rather intimidated me. IRC seems more accessible, and with so many collaborative projects going on it seems ideal for people to brainstorm privately or publicly.

I wonder if activity will migrate from the MUD to IRC like it migrated from R*IF to this forum. Probably not, but at least those of us who don’t much care for the MUD format have a choice. Full marks for the initiative, Kyle.

Second this!

I don’t think many people from ifMUD will migrate.

However now we do have the possibility of putting a bot in ifMUD that relays to the IRC on a dedicated channel.

Can an ifMUDer chime in on the workability of this?

That sounds feasible to me, but I’ve never written a MUD bot.

You’re correct.

Some folks take to the MUD like a duck to water; some people instinctively can’t stand it, and there’s no very good way to predict which you’ll be. But it’s set up just how we like it.

I’ve been on ifMUD since 1997 and I doubt I’d leave for an IRC channel. I doubt others would as well. Remember, ifMUD has a channel system where we talk about a lot of different subjects, not just IF. So IfMUD is more of an online community than a strict IF chat arena. Many of us are friends and we’ve had I think four or five marriages come out of it, so it’s not just about the IF and it’s not just about chatting.

David C.

No one’s asking anyone to leave the MUD for it.

Another possibility would be to expose the MUD server itself as an IRC server – that is, let IRC clients connect directly to the MUD. (You’d need some convention for MUD commands.)

I suspect that would satisfy nobody, however. If you find the MUD uncomfortable through a MUD client, it won’t be any better through an IRC client.

Gatewaying an IRC channel to a single MUD channel is possible. Probably easy, in fact. It might or might not work out culturally.

/me joins

Is there some protocol for creating a channel on the mud or is it pretty much open to anyone doing it?

Anyone can create them (except guest accounts, and getting a non-guest account is trivial), and creating new channels happens all the time. There are thousands and thousands of channels. I’m on 908 channels at present, most of which are almost never used. There are channels for individual games, channels for individual people to talk about their life without feeling spammy, channels created for individual RPG sessions, channels used only for dealing with particular bots. (Of course, a lot of the actual conversation takes place on more general channels. Point is, if there isn’t a channel for X, it’s fine for you to make one.)

I suppose it’d be considered bad form if you created spamloads of new channels all at once just for lulz. That’s about it, I think.

It’s about getting hitched! Hitching while the hitchin’s good!


Hey, gonna be away for a week and a half. Traveling to Australia.

We ought to have a bot, like Roger in AGS, that could share that sort of news. :wink:

I’ve been dropping by for the last four or five days, but the channel has been empty. Of course, it’s the holidays.

Maybe a meeting time is in order? You know, just to get to know one another.

Back in the IRC heydays I had a dice bot. One of those would be handy on an IF server, methinks.

Awesome! Glad to see there is a chat room!

Hey, back from my holiday. Gonna be hanging out here a bit more.

I’ve been there off and on and making a nuisance of myself. Nice channel, although at the moment the web link seems either dead or asleep.

Edit: Never mind, probably just a temporary hiccup.

Yeah I’m not seeing any language indicating that this is supposed to replace the MUD, just provide a gathering place that’s accessible to people who find the MUD less so. Even Peter said ‘Probably Not’ when he mused on whether there’d be migration. I think it’s cool for there to be multiple gathering places.

Anyway I’ll definitely see about visiting :slight_smile: