interacting from inside a vehicle

I am creating a car in a garage. I have a few issues. When NOT inside the car, the player should not see anything inside the car like the glove box. I might provide “look inside car” later, but standard look should respond with the exterior description of the car. I can do this with…

rule for deciding the concealed possessions of the car: if the player is in the car and the particular possession is the glove box: no; otherwise: yes;

This works great for fixed in place things, but then I realized I want to hide everything in the car even something that is not fixed in place. Similarly, if the player is inside the car, he should not see the dog lying on the garage floor behind the car. And he certainly should not be able to “take dog” which seems to be allowed from inside vehicles.

If the player want to do something in the garage he needs to get out of the vehicle.

So I need to restrict visibility and interacting with object outside the vehicle when inside and visa versa. I thought of using a inside room but I am unable to move door locations when the player drives the car later in the story.

I am sure this has been addressed somewhere but I am unable to find a solution.

Can someone point me the right direction?

Use an inside room, but don’t give it doors. Instead catch the “exiting” and “going outside” actions when the location is the vehicle, and use them to move the player to the appropriate room.

(You have to catch both, because “out” and “go out” are different actions in a room with no “outside” door. Sorry, messy.)

Thank you for your help. That worked like a charm. I had to create an enterable, fixed in place container called the car in addition to the room named “car interior” so the player could interact with the car from the outside. Thanks for the heads up on “going outside”. I would have missed it. I really like this solution. Added a windshield so the player can see where they are driving!..

last report looking while in the car interior: say "Looking out the window you see the [printed name of the cur_location of the car interior]. [description of cur_location of the car interior][paragraph break]";

I am really grateful for all the developers here that take the time to share their experience.