Integrading skein and test commands

At this point I feel like I have to decide between using test commands and using the skein - they have some incompatibilities that make working with both very frustrating.

1: “test me” counts as a single command in the skein. If you change the commands in the test, the transcript treats it as different output to the same command.

2: Test commands may not restart the interpreter. So a suite of test commands may not explore branching storylines in a single command.

I understand that these may be fundamental differences: The skein is a product of the IDE, and test commands are built-in to the story file. But if some genius were to overcome these problems, there would be some really big advantages:

1: The skein itself could be represented as text, edited, exported, saved and possibly even pasted into the source.

2: Test commands could be joined with existing playthroughs in the skein, and create meaningful branches in the skein.

A partial solution might be achieved by fixing only problem #1. If that were done, a node of the skein could be pasted into the source, and executing that test command would activate its node in the skein. There might even be a “paste all [labeled] nodes” command in the skein menu to quickly turn a number of playthroughs into a test suite. Or maybe there could be a “play all test commands” command in the skein menu that searches the source for commands to execute and runs each one from a fresh restart.

I’d like to hash this out a little before posting it as a uservoice suggestion. Any thoughts?

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That has always bugged me.