Good news:
The game engine “Instead” in four games is used in the KRIL competition!
We are waiting for the links for playing the games.

Good news! A beta version of the instead-ng player for android is available:

Wow! Links for KRIL-2017 games awalible!

Amazing new! Some great Instead games now awalible on

The Instead game “Return of Red Riding Hood Enhanced Edition” avalible on Steam. … d_Edition/



First gameplay video Instead game “Return of Red Riding Hood Enhanced Edition” on english:

Our adventurer archaeologist of the Internet discovered the parser’s Instead game on Steam.
The “Mainland” game.


Video: … 1447373558[/spoiler]

Well, a new instead wiki is available now.
But for now all documentation and tutorials are in Russian only.
There is some documentation in English as a work in progress:
Other languages might show up in the future (but we’ll need volunteers who’re interested in that)

Hello, We have a good news! INSTEAD 3.2.0 is out! This version has a lot of features and bug fixes. But we still lack of English documentation. So, if you like INSTEAD and can help to translate docs, please, feel free to write the message.

[spoiler]Some INSTEAD games are available online on itch. You can try them and share link with your friends.

Here is the changelog:

fix: segfault on path overflow fix;
fix: segfault in std.readdir fix;
fix: forever loop bug (unpaired {});
fix: theme.restore();
fix: fmt.anchor(),, push(), pop();
fix: snapshots module bugs;
fix: gamefile with main3.lua;
fix: noinv/nolife modules (‘step’ mod_call error);
fix: xact booleans parameters;
fix: chnage_pl with string argument;
fix: always = true in dialog phrase;
fix: use opengl on Windows instead d3d (nvidia fullscreen bug);
fix: win32 and path encoding problem;
fix: save declared functions in tables;
fix: sprite font:size with style;
enh: Android port improvements;
enh: click on bg not passed when xref selected (module click);
enh: documentation;
enh: speed improvements while theme updates;
enh: code cleanups;
new: walkback() in stdlib;
new: math.round;
new: std.var for variable extensions;
new: -renderer parameter;
new: -nocursor parameter;
new: SailfishOS port;
new: WinRT patches for upcoming port;
new: sprite.scr() returns background in non direct mode;
new: sprite.render_callback() (yahoooo!);
new: instead.clipboard() added (SDL2 only);
new: instead.wait_use();
new: instead.grab_events();
new: theme.scr.w(), theme.scr.h() (read only);

Binary builds will be available as soon as they are ready.

Til next time,
Peter Kosyh at 10:00[/spoiler]

New cool STEAD3 module named decor!
Look at here: … 93/photo/1
And more cool modules here:

Hi All! Good news everyone! New module for Instead Engine available, named “metaparser 3”. Shorh name “МП3” or “mp3”.
Based on Inform 6 library, its a true parser. Docs: … /
To translate can use service

Another news:
The big cyberpunk game in 64 kb of code, named “Multicooker”:

The fantasy story “The Wizards and Stone”:

Wizards from different kingdoms found out about the Stone of Power forgotten by the gods on the Black mountain. Which of them will reach the top, overcoming all obstacles?
The death of the wizard is not the end of the game and load the save game is usually useless. Just keep playing.

“Year 2027 AD.
The crew of the mission “Mars One” landed on Mars. The task of the mission-to build the first Martian base and to prepare for the meeting of the second crew.
You-the engineer Alexander Morozov, one of the four settlers. Today, after assembling the last residential module, you first had the opportunity to explore the area of the base.
Put on a suit and took the necessary equipment, you’re going to airlock module…”
Engine INSTEAD (Simple Text Adventure, The Interpreter) has received a new module (МЕТАПАРСЕР3), which allows to develop games with text input (yep, this is true parser). First game using this control method was the game “the OTHER MARS”. The game is written based on the stories of R. Shackley and is licensed under the CC-SA. In addition to the module text input the game uses graphic and sound capabilities of the engine INSTEAD.

Also English docs available now

INSTEAD 3.3.0 is out! Changes are:

new: input:text() event;
new: tiny instead for metaparser;
new:, vk and discord bots;
enh: english documentation,;
enh: Android port;
fix: list:add() and order;
fix: some compilation warnings;
fix: makefile and source code cleanups;
fix: possible segfault;
fix: do not eat keyboard input;
enh: emscripten port builded with -s WASM=1

Binary builds will be available as soon as they are ready.

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metaparser-js released. Page with games:
INSTEADOSE 6 is released with parser games:



The “Constellation” is another one good sci-fi game:

You may think this game is about a post-Soviet Research Institute. About an experiment that went out of control. You may think that the initials «I.A.G.» are somehow related to the Institute. You may think this game is unfinished. You may even think that the game ends exactly as the author tells you.
But then you will figure it out – these statements are not entirely true.

  • There are two endings in this game.
  • Credits roll at the end of the game.
  • If you do not see the credits roll, you haven’t reached the end of the game. Yet.
    This game has got 18th place out of 77 entries at IFComp 2018.


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The Metaparser module has been updated to ver. 1.6

  • improved response to input errors;
  • fixes in the standard library.