Instead of "other than" unmaidenly behaviour...


Inform 7’s §7.15. “Kinds of action” is clear about rules that take effect when some actions are tried, example “unmaidenly behaviour.”

[code]Kissing Mr Carr is unmaidenly behaviour.
Doing something to the painting is unmaidenly behaviour.

Instead of unmaidenly behaviour in the Inn, say “How unmaidenly!”[/code]
How do we write the opposite, though? How do we write a rule that takes effect when an action that is NOT unmaidenly behaviour is tried?

Instead of doing something other than unmaidenly behaviour:

Huh, I must have tried everything but that! Yep, it makes sense.

Although, I realise that the results are super annoying, because “other than unmaidenly behaviour” is also “looking,” “taking inventory,” “going east,” etc.