Instead of doing LITERALLY anything other than...?

I have a scene in my IF where the player must type a specific action (such as “north”) or else the game won’t progress (sort of a forced tutorial).

Now, if I type:

This seems to only work SOME of the time. If I type a direction I can’t go, it simply says “you can’t go that way.” If I type “wait” then it says “time passes”. If I check my inventory, it’ll still display my inventory. If I type “look” it gives me the room’s description.

The “you’re not listening to me are you” message seems to only appear when I type in actions that I am capable of successfully doing. For example, typing “attack” causes the game to ask “what do you want to attack”, while typing “attack me” causes the message I want to appear.

Is there a way to make it so it’s a lot more literal? So that literally ANYTHING aside from the necessary action(s) will be greeted with that stock message, without me having to individually list out “Instead of waiting, instead of checking inventory, instead of attacking nothing, etc”?

EDIT: It doesn’t seem to pick up any “look” actions either, like “look at bed” will still give you a description of that bed, so apparently that’s not considered “doing something”.

It looks like the compiler is interpreting this as “Instead of doing anything other than going with the direction north”. (Analogous to “Instead of doing anything other than pushing with the button”.) Clearly not what you want.

You can get the right behavior with two rules:

Instead of doing anything other than going:
say “You’re not listening to me are you?”

Instead of going when the noun is not north:
say “You’re not listening to me are you?”