Instead of carrying out any action applying to a specific noun?

I have a noun in a sentence that needs to be there for descriptive purposes. I don’t want the player trying to interact with that noun. I also don’t want to code every single instance of attempting to use a verb on that noun.

Is there a way to return a generic response like

Instead of carrying out an action applying to the widget:
	say "Stop messing with the widget."

How would that be worded in Inform 7?

You could try Instead of doing something with the widget.


Thanks! That’s exactly what I was looking for.

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See also scenery and @HanonO 's suggestion of a “prop” sub-kind of scenery.


NB that actions where the widget is the second noun won’t be blocked by this rule - “throw ball at widget”, say. This may be the behavior you want, but it’s worth considering. You also might want to exempt examine from the instead rule since players often expect to be able to look at even inessential stuff (otherwise what’s the point if including it?)


I think that

Instead of doing something when the current action involves the widget:

covers everything. (Or “something other than examining” if you want to make the exception that Mike suggests.)