Installing Inky Questions

So… I am up for learning new things, and have decided to learn Ink.

I would like to install Inky, but I think that in order to do so I need first to install Node.js and NPM, is that correct?

I am using my brand-new Windows 10 computer (well, its primary hard drive is new; the old one gave up the ghost two days after the close of IFComp) so I’m a bit wary of installing things I don’t fully understand.

It all seems legit, but I’m a bit of a greenhorn where all this GitHubbery is concerned. I’m presuming that there is no build of Inky yet with a Windows installer?


Downloadable builds are at

Ah, thank you Zarf. :smiley:

Note also that Inky can’t handle saving empty files: if you have an empty file anywhere in your project, the whole project will silently fail to save. That put me off Inky for a while because I couldn’t understand what was going on. But someone recently figured it out and it’s easy to work around once you know…


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