Inspect Objects in TADS 3

I’m still browsing the docs but is there a way to inspect an object in TADS 3 and see what it contains? For example, in an example in one of the files that comes with the distribution (gram.t), I find I get an error about an object that can’t be indexed. The line in question is:

"[match <<i>>: token count = <<match[i][1]>>\n";

If I look at what match is, I just get this:


I’m trying to see if I can inspect the object. For example, in Ruby, I might do this:

Here I inspect the object browser and get some indication of how it’s composed. I’m trying to do the same thing for my match.

I’m not aware of any possibility other than launching game in Workbench and using the debugger, which is sadly limited to windows only :frowning: